How to Beat the System: Applicant Tracking System, That Is

shutterstock_130765949If you’re a job seeker, there are many obstacles you have to overcome in order to land the job of your dreams. And perhaps the biggest one is a tech glitch that will land your application in the trash pile. Even if you’re the most qualified candidate on Earth, if you don’t learn how to beat the Applicant Tracking System, you might never get the call.

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is essentially a software that is commonly used by recruiters and hiring managers to compile, analyze, and weed out job applications. It does the filtering based on criteria that the user supplies. What that means for you is that if your application is missing any key ingredients, your resume may never even be seen by a human.

That being said, how can you effectively stand out, but at the same time fit the cookie-cutter mold that the recruiter has created? Here’s what you need to know about outsmarting the ATS monster…Continue Reading

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